Indonesia Cardamom Cardamom originally found in Malabar Mountains west coast of India. Then widely planted in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Guatemala. Began to be cultivated in Indonesia since 1986.
 Cardamom plants is an herbal plant that forms clumps, shaped like a ginger plant, and can reach a height of 2-3 meters. in general, cardamom grows in the forests dense. Cardamom thrive at an altitude of 200-1000 meters above sea level.
Cardamom plants originally wild life indeed, but is now cultivated as spice cardamom. Trunked wet plant has leaves that wrapped stems  trunk. Location of alternate leaf-cross. This plant flowers arranged in bunches out of the rhizome.
Local cardamom are lowland plants. Cardamom can only grow well and produce optimal on land with an altitude ranging from 0 up to 700 meters above sea level (m asl). Locally grown fruit cardamom dompolan form attached above the ground. Each dompolan contains between 10 to 20 grains of the fruit. Local cardamom fruit is round. Diameter of about 1 cm. In these pieces there are segments that are separate and contain a grain of seed. otherwise it is productivity. Local cardamom planting intercropping system with population 1400 plants per hectare, will be able to produce about 2.8 sd. 3 tons of fruit per year wet.

Local cardamom been able to produce at the age of 1.5 years after planting with good seedling. Utilization of local cardamom in part for the pharmaceutical industry and partly as a culinary ingredient. In addition to culinary and pharmaceutical industries, cardamom is also an ingredient essential oil and oleoresin. In international trade, cardamom oil known as Oil Cardamon. Content of True Oil Cardamon is terpenes, terpeneol and sineol. While False Cardamon Oil besides containing the three ingredients was also still there and kamfernya berneol content.

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