Benefit of cardamom

Seeds taken from plants before the fruit is ripe, it can be used as a drug. In the world of medicine that has been dried beans called cardamomi cement. In addition to seeds, which are used for medicine is the root, fruit, and trunk. Cardamom contains essential oils, sineol, terpineol, borneol, proteins, sugars, fat, silicates, betakamfer, sebinena, mirkena, mirtenal, karvona, terpinil acetate, and grit. The content of cardamom has efficacy as cough medicine. Cardamom also has properties to prevent bone loss.
Cardamom has a pleasant aroma to the English flattering as grains of paradise. This delicious aroma coming from the cardamom essential oil content. Essential oils contain five major substances, namely borneol (a terpene) that smells like the smell of camphor in camphor tree sap.
Some manufacturers also spice essential oils extracted from the seeds of cardamom into Cardamom oil which then packaged in bottles. In this same form of oil, cardamom is used for tasty soft drinks and ice cream.