growing conditions


Textured sandy clay loam. In clay-textured soils cardamom growth does not disappoint origin of land held in advance of processing.
Do not like stagnant water, soil organic matter should be high and well drained dg acidity or pH 5.5 to 6.6 degrees. Type of soil good for growing cardamom is latosol, andosol, alluvial, red-yellow podzolic and the Mediterranean.
Cardamom can be grown at an altitude of 250-1050 m above sea level and the optimal 350-500 m above sea level.


The long dry season resulted in the formation of a little puppy, so that the interest generated is reduced.
In areas with average rainfall is 2,500 per year is required 130 days of rain per year.
The average temperature ranges from the desired 21-30 degree of Celcius.
Grow well in area climate type A, B, and C (system schidt and Ferguson).
Optimal rainfall 2550-4050 mm per year.
The intensity of the light is good for growth ranging from 40-70 percent.